Imagine being whisked away to an exotic land of tantalizing sights, sounds and fragrances. Taken to an era of Indian majesty where guests bask in the glow of rich hues, vibrant colors where your every whim and desire is indulged. It's our pleasure to invite you to step through the doors of Nirvana: the flavors of India. Where we magically recreate sumptuous dishes with courteous service in a rich and soothing Indian atmosphere reminiscent of the age of the Maharaja.

Nirvana takes you on a culinary adventure to the farthest corners of India and allows you to taste the finest in Indian cuisine. The ambience of the regal courts are carefully crafted by the majestic paintings and warm fabrics of that era. The rich ambience only enriches the flavor of the wonderful array of exotic Indian delicacies brought to your table by our gracious staff. Our glass paneled tandoor kitchen enables our patrons to have a rare look into the impeccable creativity behind our chefs' sumptuous dishes. The owner of Nirvana has hand-picked these chefs to masterfully create a menu that captures the flavor of the Indian subcontinent. Fragrant and warm spices from the four corners of the country are delicately blended in meticulous proportions to create the dishes we present to you. The epicure will find that our culinary inspirations re-design a variety of South Asian cuisines with a studied precision for the North American palate with a wonderfully sensual result. Tender morsels of meat, an array of kebabs, piquant curries and an assortment of breads and pilafs leave our patrons looking forward to their next visit to Nirvana.

Nirvana: the flavors of India is inspired by the elegance, culture and grandeur of a distant time. Consistently recognized as one of the top restaurants in Toronto. We welcome you and await for you to discover a dining experience unlike any other.

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